The Be-Bop Club

The Bear, Hotwell Road, Bristol. BS8 4SF

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Unfortunately for our 2015/16 season we do not currently have any funding, and are trying to keep the club running on a door-take basis. We are therefore unable to agree to any guaranteed fees. The club only seats 40 people and half the time itís not full, so the money is not great.


General Info


We only do gigs on Fridays.


The club shuts for the summer from June to mid-September.


We only present modern jazz gigs - pop, rock, folk acts please stop sending us stuff.




Preferred method is email. Use the contact form or ďmail atĒ [@ not used to avoid spam]. Please remember the club is run on a voluntary basis, so receiving† numerous phone-calls can be quite intrusive. Please donít be offended if you donít get a reply straight away, or at all - the number of enquiries received is staggering and itís difficult to find time to get back to everyone.


What to send


A concise biography including names of all band members, a couple of press quotes, links to a couple of tracks or videos. If you are planning a tour let us know where else you are playing and when. We need to be able to persuade the public that they want to pay to hear you rather than going to watch a free entry gig elsewhere or staying at home watching tv, so give us something to work with.


Booking Policy


Most of the bands we put on are quartets or quintets playing jazz styles from be-bop era onwards. Most play a mixture of originals and standards, but all of one or the other is also fine. We tend not to book Gypsy Jazz style bands since we have struggled to get an audience for these in the past. We book bands including vocalists where the vocals are integral to the band sound, but not really anything that sounds like a singer with a backing band, which tends to be a different kind of gig. Listen to Moonlight Saving Time, Balanca, Brigitte Beraha and Nia Lynnís Bannau Trio for examples we have programmed.


The club was set up to provide a venue for Bristolís jazz musicians, and that remains a high priority. We put on a quite a few bands touring with Jazz Services support, and a few visiting soloists performing with house trio or quartet - but there are only so many slots each season.